Press Junkie PR + Pizza

Press Junkie PR + Pizza – Chapter Meeting on October 12, 2016

By: Danielle Martinez – Public Relations Director

Reminder: Membership dues are due October 26, 2016. Dues can be paid by cash, card, money order or check (made to Texas State PRSSA). Note: card transactions have a 50¢ transaction fee.

  • Local = $15
  • Local + National ($55) = $70

Wednesday, at our chapter meeting, we were privileged to have the Founder and President of Press Junkie PR, Ryan Romana, inform us about music public relations.

Romana was a communication major in college, alike most of us. He found his love for music in the late 90’s and early 2000’s by working in New York City and San Francisco. Ryan is unique because he has worked in all aspects of the music industry including music publicity, music distribution, record label managing, marketing, branding and everything in between. While the music industry is where his heart is, he did corporate tech PR for two years where he learned and gained invaluable skills.

The biggest key components Romana learned while working with corporate public relations was structure and strategy. Strategizing how to position the client, the message and the branding was essential to an effective campaign. Structurally there were 3 to 4 people working on one client at a time, which ensured that tasks were being fulfilled.

In 2009, Romana started his own music public relations business working out of his living room. He began with 3 clients, but soon moved to Austin from San Francisco in 2013. He hired interns right away and started tapping into the Austin music industry.

Press Junkie PR’s clientele include Grammy winner Grupo Fantasma, 2016 Latin Grammy nominated artist El Dusty,  Raging Fyah, Crystal Yates, Easy Star All-Stars and many more. While they have several musicians as their clients, they also work with record labels and music festivals.

A unique attribute of Press Junkie PR is that their website provides an online press kit available to download for journalists, which paves the way for their clients to get media coverage.

At the end of Romana’s presentation, we did a Q & A panel with our members.

  • Q: What is the hardest part of music public relations?
    • A: Managing the artists’ expectations is the most challenging. The artists’ goals are high, but getting top tier coverage requires more than publicity.
  • Q: What is the best part of music public relations?
    • A: Seeing artist get coverage from top tier companies such as NPR, USA Today, Austin City Limits Festival, etc.
  • Q: What tips do you have for pitching?
    • A: Take note of personal aspects of who you are pitching to. This allows you to make the pitch more personal.
  • Q: What is your biggest tip for public relations professionals?
    • A: Most importantly, be a resource. Once you have the trust of the media, then they will go to you as a resource about various situations/topics.


Center of picture: Guest speaker, Ryan Romana 

Ryan Romana taught our chapter a tremendous amount of information about the music industry and music public relations.

Thank you Ryan for visiting Texas State PRSSA chapter and providing us insightful information on your personal PR experience.

For more information, contact Ryan Romana – or check out Press Junkie PR’s website.

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