How PRSSA has helped me grow

By: Vanessa Mora

You’d be foolish to not join an organization related to your major while in college.

For me, that organization was (and is) PRSSA and, in retrospect, I could not be more thankful that I made the decision to join.

Two semesters can make all the difference.

 Relatively speaking, I have only been in PRSSA for a short amount of time; two semesters, going on three. However, since being a part of this incredible organization, I feel as though I’ve gained much more than two semesters worth of experiences.

Here’s to internships, New York and friends.

One of the major benefits of this organization is that our chapter meetings consist of a variety of guest speakers from the mass communications field. It was this benefit which made the opportunity to land my first internship with POM PR more tangible.

Being part of PRSSA also opened me up to other organizations. Bobcat Promotions to be specific – with whom PRSSA partnered in organizing visits to PR firms in New York! So, not only was I able to visit New York City, but I was also able to see six firms first hand. This was worlds better than just scrolling through the firms’ webpages.

PRSSA acquainted me with some amazing people. People that were just as driven as I was and on the same professional path. These acquaintances quickly became close friends, which was something especially meaningful to me being that I had transferred to Texas State as a junior. Had I never joined PRSSA I would not have met those I am in daily contact with nor would I have had the experiences which are shaping my future.

Since being in PRSSA, I am prepared as well as excited for my future.

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