Homeaway from Home

By Taylor Carfield

February 24, 2017


Adam Annen, Public Relations Manager of HomeAway was able to speak at our meeting, offering words of advice and wisdom.  Annen is a graduate of the University of Texas and got his start in public relations through the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile in a yearlong public relations tour around the country.  Annen is in his seventh year working for HomeAway and with such experience had a plethora of campaigns to share with us. HomeAway is a vacation home rental service, standing strong in the wake of Airbnb. Through HomeAway Annen has been able to aid in creating campaigns such as converting the Eiffel Tower into a vacation home for the first time in history.

Annen forged his way through many different experiences from starting out as a civil engineering major to finding his way in a double major in film and public relations. “Diversify your experiences,” is a major piece of advice Annen offered on how to be successful in the public relations profession, which is exactly what he did during his collegiate career. Annen interned for the University of Texas as well as participated in an organization that provided pro-bono public relations work for local businesses in the Austin area.

Adam Annen with Texas State PRSSA

Getting experience doesn’t have to be hard, you can take your passions and run with them. Annen encouraged all of us to find your interests and gain experience. If you’re interested in fashion, find a fashion blog and submit a draft to be featured. You could end up being published in a blog or at worst you would have a blog draft that you could include in your portfolio. It’s a win –win situation.

In-house public relations can seem like it would be boring, but there are so many teams and clients that I get to work with so things always remain interesting, said Annen.  Annen has always found himself busy and intrigued in his experience with in-house public relations. HomeAway is always coming up with out of the box ideas for campaigns such as finishing a replica of the car from, “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” and driving it around the country.

We know we’ve definitely been inspired about in-house public relations.

You can follow Adam on Twitter at @adamannen.

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