Getting TechnINKcal with INK PR

By: John Lee

March 9, 2017

Our Texas State PRSSA chapter had the pleasure of hosting Caitlin New, current president of the Austin chapter of PRSA and INK PR account supervisor. She spoke to us about elevating ourselves in the PR world and understanding what makes public relations a successful business.

New is a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in corporate communications. She got her first job in a small retail tech firm and worked in that same firm for 7 years. She was working when the recession came in 2008, which hit the PR and communications industry particularly hard. In many cases, PR professionals were the first one to be let go to save on costs because they were thought to be non-essential. Through this experience, it inspired her to look for more ways to become more valuable to companies and show them that PR is a much needed aspect of business. She eventually earned her APR accreditation and ended up at INK PR, where she is now celebrating 10 years of working in the industry.

INK PR is a company that started from 3 employees and now has 30 and counting. They have offices in Austin and Denver C6b0_r_VAAE-z1eand are planning to open
more in New York. They serve companies such as Datapipe, Favor and Sensuron. The reason why this company has been so successful is because “they become a part of the client.” New explained that becoming one with the client is so essential in the industry because of the tru
st that is built in the process. Yes, being able to write blogpost, press releases and social media are all important aspects, but client service is also critical.

She also explained how essential it is for us as students to come to understand the business side of PR. Developing our business literacy as upcoming PR professional will help us tremendously as we move forward with our careers. Having a general understanding of all aspects of PR will assist us in being better equipped to handle whatever is thrown our way. 

It is easy to see how tunnel visioned we can be as students. As aspiring PR professionals, we only focus on tactics we think are essential such as writing press releases or developing a social media account. However, through New’s experiences and presentation, we have gained invaluable insight on why we should work collectively to improve other areas.

You can find out more about INK PR here and connect with Caitlin New on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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