Bloom Your Branding for Your Business

By: Lexi Ashbury

October 12, 2017

Starting a business comes with it’s challenges, one of which includes understanding how to successfully brand it. This week, our PRSSA chapter had Kayli Head, owner of The Bloom Bar, to explain how to build your brand when starting your own business.

Kayli Head, owner of The Bloom Bar, speaks to Texas State’s PRSSA chapter.

Head’s passion for floral design blossomed when she took a high school course on the subject. This was the first spark that would eventually lead to the creation of The Bloom Bar. However, she did not study in floral design in college and decided to pursue public relations instead. She graduated from Stephen F. Austin University and moved to San Marcos, Texas in 2013 to work for the Mainstream Program. This job was what pushed her into the event planning industry and because the focal point to help her branch out and meet with local businesses.

Eventually, Head realized she wanted to start her own business and begin to brainstorm different ideas of what she could do. She still had a passion for floral design from high school and thus, The Bloom Bar began.With the support of her friends, she started out building her business on social media, while also learning about graphic design. Head invested 1,000 dollars in creating her website and giving out free flowers to local event planners. From there, her floral business began to grow. Since her doors opened, her shop has grown exponentially and taken on 300 clients. When her business began to grow, she recalled feeling intimidated. The demand for flowers kept increasing and she realized she had to find balance between her work so she would not get overwhelmed. Head told us balancing  a business and having fun while doing it is important.

Head credits public relations to being the basis of her business. She knew the importance of getting involved in her community and networking. She admits she gave out a lot of free flowers in the beginning, but this only catapulted her business and led her down a IMG_6756successful career path. Starting up your own business is not going to be a piece of cake. It will be challenging, but if you work hard at it, then your business will flourish.

“Pairing with like minded creatives has catapulted my business to the next level and it has taught me so much,” Head said. “Community over competition is a really good mantra to have when building your business or someone else’s.”

Currently, Head’s business is run out of San Marcos, Texas while most of her clients are in Dallas and Houston. She says the local people of our town spread the word of her shop to friends and family members, which leads to clients in other cities. Her shop now has five employees who are an extension of the brand she has created. To students who are unsure of what they’re doing, she encourages them to take a step back and see what they really want to do. She explains people who want to start their business from scratch, should spend as little money as possible when starting out. Be financially frugal and overtime your business will start to grow.

Starting your own career from nothing seems daunting. Thanks to the guidance from Kayli Head, we were able to gain some perspective on how to successfully brand your own business. You can find out more about The Bloom Bar here and connect with Kayli on Facebook and Instagram.

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