Taking Risks with San Marcos CISD

By: John Lee

November 30, 2017

Texas State’s PRSSA chapter had the pleasure of hosting Andrew Fernandez, executive director of communications of San Marcos CISD, to speak about his experiences and insight when concerning the PR industry.

Fernandez attended Texas Lutheran University and received his degree in communications with a concentration in journalism. Starting in high school and throughout college, Fernandez worked as a lifeguard for the city of Kirby, an enclave of San Antonio. Through this position, the mayor of Kirby offered Fernandez his first job as a parks and recreations manager after he graduated.


After working at that position for one year, he then moved up as an administrator while simultaneously working for the San Antonio Spurs. He was then inspired by his brother to work in the education field and eventually ended up where he is today.

Fernandez emphasized being a “jack of all trades,” and having a diverse skill set. Looking back at the variety of jobs Fernandez has had, it clear to see the different roles that he has been a part of and how they have benefitted him in the long run. His career path is one that is diverse and constantly changing.

Fernandez also emphasized that PR is a job that requires you to be alert at all times. With the advances in social media and technology, you always need to be aware of what is going on. Communications is a fast-paced industry, so utilizing the tools that you are given will help you become knowledgeable. You are going to have to work late hours and be willing to work hard.

“I wasn’t afraid to work the late hours and I wasn’t afraid to put in the time,” Fernandez said. “PR is truly a 24-hour job.”

Taking risks is also important according to Fernandez. Doing things that you normally would not do allows you to learn and grow through your mistakes. If it wasn’t for risks, Fernandez would not have grown into the person or be in the position he is in.

“It’s a tireless job, but the one thing I always tell people who are getting into the PR business is that you have to fall in love with it,” Fernandez said. “At the end of the day, PR is about telling a message.”

To learn more about San Marcos CISD, follow them on Twitter

For more information on Fernandez, contact him at andrew.fernandez@smcisd.net

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