The Key to Nailing your Big Interview

by: Nicole Flick

February 26, 2019

We all stress over interviews and it’s normal to feel like you’re getting judged. After all, that’s what the interviewer is here to do. That’s why it’s imperative to put your best foot forward. On your next big interview, try these tips to make sure you not only land the position but excel. Remember, practice makes perfect!


Coming to an interview equipped with background knowledge of the company and any recent news is a great way to show the interviewer that you have a genuine interest. For example, if you were interview for Burson Cohn & Wolfe, it would be useful knowledge to know that Burson-Marsteller and Cohn & Wolfe merged in 2018. Showing to the interviewer your knowledge and history of the company will definitely give you a leg up in the interview process.


Understanding the requirements of the position allows you to be aware of what the interviewer is looking for. While interviewing, be sure to provide concrete examples from previous jobs that highlight the traits the interviewer is looking for. Knowing something as simple as the job description puts you in the ideal place to sell yourself for the job. It can be the one thing that tips you over the edge.


Your interview starts the moment you walk into the building. Everything you do and say can be taken into consideration and may decide if you get a job offer. First impressions are everything in interviews. You’ll never have a second chance at a first impression. Greeting the interviewer with a firm handshake and a smile is a great way to start out on the right foot. Be memorable for something positive.


As one of the biggest forms of nonverbal communication, eye contact can tell a lot about you to the interviewer. You should make eye contact consistently throughout your interview, especially when either of you are speaking. Eye contact shows your interest in the job and respect to the interviewer. It also shows confidence and security in your skills.


Body language shows whether you are confident in yourself and shows your interviewer your interest in the job. Appropriate body language such as sitting up straight, maintaining eye contact, and idle hands demonstrate that you are serious about the interview itself, the job you’re applying for and the company as a whole. Constantly fidgeting, twirling your hair, and tapping your foot communicate that you are nervous or unsure of yourself, hurting your chances of landing the job.

These simple steps can help students like me, and anyone that’s interviewing for a job. Don’t waste your time worrying about how your interview will go and start preparing instead! Do your research, maybe develop talking points, and practice your body language. And good luck on your interview!

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