Executive Board



President: Alejandro R. Garcia  |  @alejandro_gar15

“PRSSA has done so much for me, the organization took me in, treated me kindly, and offered me countless opportunities that allowed me to grow as an individual. It helped me find my place at Texas State University.”




Vice President: Corey Dockery| @coreymdockery

“PRSSA has been an irreplaceable part of my college career. The opportunities I’ve been given have allowed me to grow personally and professionally, and have helped me grow my professional network. If I could go back in time I would have joined sooner.”




Secretary: San’Tres Broussard | @_Zeussss

“PRSSA gives me the opportunity to meet and network with PR professionals that assists me with my professional development. I know I will graduate with skills I need to lead a successful career.”




VP of Digital Communication: John Lee  |  @leeeeyonce

“This organization has given me so many connections that benefit me professionally and personally. I have gained lifelong friends, but also a network of hardworking PR professionals. I have learned so much about growth and drive from PRSSA. My college career would not be the same without it”





VP of Media Production: Michelle Joseph | @thatgirlchello

“PRSSA is a great way to connect with other PR and communications students and learn from each other’s experiences in our field of study.”







VP of Fundraising: Saul Gray |@smurf_snac

“PRSSA has given me the chance to grow and expand within our academic lives. It has given me opportunities to set up my future and prepare for a better tomorrow through the great programs and activities they offer.”







VP of Member Services: Bae Stephens  | @baestephens1

“PRSSA is important to me because of the great people we get to meet and the opportunity we have to hear about their personal experiences from their careers.”






VP of Professional Development | @banuelos_rey

“I enjoy PRSSA for the great network it provides me. PRSSA allows me to be in contact and meet with professionals in the field.”







 Public Relations Committee