Executive Board



President: Alana Zamora  |  @alana_zamora

“I love PRSSA because of the connections and friendships I have made. It’s such a great feeling to be surrounded by such like-minded and passionate young professionals!”




Vice President: Alejandro R. Garcia  | @alejandro_gar15

“PRSSA has done so much for me, the organization took me in, treated me kindly, and offered me countless opportunities that allowed me to grow as an individual. It helped me find my place at Texas State University.”





Secretary: Kate Jones |  @heykatejones

“I love PRSSA because it not only gives me the opportunity to meet new people, but to also gain valuable skills that I can use in any future endeavor.”


Kaley Consford Headshot


Public Relations Director: Kaley Consford  |  @KaleyConsford

“This organization has given me so many connections that benefit me professionally and personally. I have gained lifelong friends, but also a network of hardworking PR professionals. I have learned so much about growth and drive from PRSSA. My college career would not be the same without it.




Membership Director: Chelsea Kubenka  |  @chelsk714

“I love PRSSA because it has allowed me to grow professionally and personally. I have met some lifelong friends while networking and gaining skills that I can use throughout my career.”





Treasurer: Kimmy Hazelwood  |  @kimmyhaze22

“I love everything about PRSSA. It was the first organization that I joined when I transferred to Texas State, and they accepted me with open arms. It offers lots of opportunities, connections and so many friendships. I am truly thankful.”



 Public Relations Committee




Content Editor: John Lee  |  @leeeeyonce

PRSSA provides invaluable experiences and opportunities to further yourself professionally, socially, and intellectually. It has given me a better understand of what I want to do after I graduate. Not to mention the great friendships and people you meet through it!”


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Graphic Designer: Victoria Chacon  |  @vchacon_

“PRSSA has helped me realize how much I want to accomplish in my professional career. It has been a building block for cherished friendships and non-stop networking.”



Currently looking for two to three more dedicated PRSSA members to take over our ‘Social Media Coordinator’ positions for the PR Committee. Being on the PR Committee allows you to learn more about content creation and branding. This opportunity also gives you the opportunity to be more involved in TXST PRSSA. If interested, please email PR Director Kaley Consford at for more information!