Executive Board


_MG_1692President: San’Tres Broussard | @_Zeussss

“PRSSA gives me the opportunity to meet and network with PR professionals that assist me with my professional development. I know I will graduate with skills I need to lead a successful career.”






Vice President: Rey Banuelos_MG_1301 (1)| @banuelos_rey

“I enjoy PRSSA for the great network it provides me. PRSSA allows me to be in contact and meet with professionals in the field.”





_MG_1305 (1).jpgVP of Communications: Alyssa Cisneros | @alyssaci

“PRSSA has been one of the best experiences in my college career. Meeting new people and learning our industry together are the best ways to become proficient in the PR world. I am so glad I am apart of such an amazing organization.”







_MG_1308 (1)


VP of Digital Communication and Media Production: Lauren Guidry | @laurensydni4

“My time in PRSSA has done so much for me. This organization has given me the opportunity to generate long-lasting professional connections while simultaneously providing me the opportunity to explore the PR industry. I am so honored to serve this organization and I’m looking forward to this year!”



VP of Fundraising: Chandler Deppisch | @deppinitely_chan

“PRSSA is important to me because it has given me a chance to find new opportunities for myself and for those around me. Every job and internship I’ve ever gotten is because a referral from someone I’ve once worked with or knew, and I hope that I’m able to give new opportunities to students who have also faced similar struggles as I have. PRSSA at Texas State University has opened a new door for me to work harder and meet other young professionals who are dedicated to finding the perfect career path.”






VP of Member Services: VACANT 


“I’ve been a member for PRSSA for a year and I wish I had joined sooner. I’ve been able to do so much in such a small amount of time. Participating in the career development trip to Washington, D.C. was life-changing and really put my life in the right direction. I’ve grown a lot professionally as well and I don’t think I could’ve done that anywhere else.” 






VP of Professional Development: John Lee_MG_1296 (1) | @leeeeyonce

“This organization has given me so many connections that benefit me professionally and personally. I have gained lifelong friends, but also a network of hardworking PR professionals. I have learned so much about growth and drive from PRSSA. My college career would not be the same without it”







 Public Relations Committee